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Yolanda Richardson Director of Victim Services, Brunswick judicial circuit speaks to the Exchange cl

Pictured from left to right is Pres. Steven Floyd and Mrs. Yolanda Richardson

The Exchange club of Brunswick held their weekly lunch meeting. Guest speaker was Yolanda Richardson Director of Victim Services, Brunswick judicial circuit. Mrs. Richardson told the club about volunteer opportunity.

Victim Advocates can assist victims by providing:

  • Information about the status of their court case.

  • Notification of any court proceedings.

  • Explanation and information about the criminal justice system.

  • Orientation to the courtroom setting.

  • Accompaniment to/from and moral support in the courtroom.

  • Advocacy and support with any problems that they may have as a result of the crime itself or court appearances.

  • Referral to social service agencies, counselors, and others who can assist them;

  • Assistance in completing their Victim Impact Statement.

  • Parole notification so they can know when an inmate is expected to be released from prison if applicable.

To learn more on how you can be Victim advocate volunteer you may call Mrs. Yolanda Richardson at 912 554-7229 email her at

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