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The Exchange Club of Brunswick is made up of approximately 80 members.  Our primary focus is the Exchange Program of Service which includes Child Abuse Prevention, Community Service, Youth Programs, and Americanism.  Our goal is to improve our community by helping the disadvantaged and encouraging good American citizenship.  Since its beginning in 1946, the Exchange Club of Brunswick has donated countless hours of volunteer service and over $1 million dollars to local charities and organizations here in the Golden Isles.  Our largest group of beneficiaries is the children served by the Glynn county School Social Workers, with donations totaling over $250,000.  In addition, we also purchase 75 – 80 bicycles each year at Christmas to give to kids in need, based on requests from the school social workers.  Here are just a few of the other charities and causes to which our club donates money: Freedom Shrine, CIA Sports Club, CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate), Cops and Kids, Golden Isles Children’s Advocacy Center, Skylark, and Students of the Month and Students of the Year.  All of the money raised for these charities is earned by the volunteer activities of the Exchange Club members.  Please consider joining us in this great cause and help make a difference in our community. Thank you.

Focused on Making a Difference

The Exchange Club of Brunswick takes great pride in our student of the month and year programs. The Exchange Club of Brunswick supports Student excellence with annual awards to 8th graders in Glynn County. 

Student of the Month

Awarded to the student of the month from Gylnn Academy and Brunswick High. These standout students receive monetary prizes.

Student of the Year

Awarded to well rounded seniors in Glynn County. These incredible seniors will receive awards and scholarships.

Current Officers

  • President: J.P. Thornton

  • President Elect: Barry Cooper

  • Secretary / Treasurer: Randy Pifer

  • Immediate Past Pres.: Steven Floyd

  • SGT-at-Arms.: Jim Seymour

  • Board Member: Cheryl Diprizio

  • Board Member: Michael (Skip) Swain

  • Board Member: Dale McNabb

  • Board Member: Allen (Jr) Phillips

  • Board Member: Pat Thornton

  • Board Member: Jim Seymour

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