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Exchange Club of Brunswick's Student of the Month Program

Pictured from left to right Mrs. Sentra Hayward Executive director, student services and compliance Glynn County school system, Mrs. Mary Claire Jones GA, Pres. Bill Foster, Lily Wood, Avery Wilson , Nolan Hartley, Mr Reese Barnard BHS, Keon Shaw, Brett Dutka, Emma Counts and Sec./treasurer Randy Pifer

The Exchange club of Brunswick held their second program of student of the month for the 2021-2022 school year. Student of the Month program director and Vice President Steven Floyd was master of ceremonies for the program. The club house was full of members parents teachers, counselors and the superintended of the Glynn county school system to honor the students. This program was for The months of November, December and January. Mrs. Mary Claire Jones Glynn Academy school counselor and Mr. Reese Barnard, Brunswick High School counselor for the class of 2022, choose the student of the month with the help of the teachers from each school. Glynn Academy November STOM Nolan Hartley was introduced by Mrs. Jennifer Brashear, December STOM Avery Wilson was introduced by Mr. Nathaniel Ropper and January STOM Lily Wood was introduced by Jennifer Brashear. Brunswick High school November STOM Emma Counts was introduced by Mrs. Donna Hutchenson, December STOM Brett Dutka was introduced by Mrs. Erica Johnston and January STOM Keon Shaw was introduced By Mrs. Erica Graddy. Each student introduced their family and guest to the club and told the club about their future plans. Each student was presented with a Check for $100.00 and a plaque from the Exchange club of Brunswick. Each student was charged with writing a essay and the theme is The COVID-19 pandemic drastically changed every aspect of our lives, in every way imaginable. Reflecting on what you learned during this time about yourself, your community and the world, explain how your perspectives on success, empathy, prioritizing, social inequalities, and the leadership have been reshaped. The Exchange club of Brunswick will chose a winner from Glynn Academy and Brunswick High school at the end of the school year and they will be presented with a $1,000.00 check and plaque.

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