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The Exchange club of Brunswick Wall of Honor

Pictured from left to right Pres. J.P. Thornton, past pres. Ray Snow, Frances Snow (PED's sister)Past pres. PED Drawdy, Past Pres Marin Neal, Charolette Neal, Past Pres. Rev. Jim Crandle, Chairman and past pres. Pat Thornton

The Exchange club of Brunswick honored two members of the Exchange club of Brunswick by inducting them onto the wall of honor. The wall of honor was started 15 years ago to honor members who have made outstanding contributions to the advancement of the Exchange club of Brunswick. Previous honorees Bill Burne, Emory Dawson, Harold Sigman, Powell McDonald, Floyd Faust, Sammie Cauley, Clarke Wiggins Sr. Woody Harrington, Jimmy Hancock, Buddy Gladin, Carl Alexander, Mac Burgess, Gary Johnson, Frenchie Blanchard. This year's honorees have over 100 years of service between them. Ray Snow and rev Jim Crandle spoke about both honorees and events during their presidency.

PED Drawdy joined the club in 1968 and was club President from 1975-1976. Ped Graduated from Glynn Academy in 1960 and Georgia southern 1965. Ped retired from banking and real estate of over 46 years, he was realtor of the year 1991, pres. Glynn county Board of realtors 1992.

Marin Neal joined in 1968, he was Club president 1986-1987 Our current dining hall was built during his presidency. Marin is member of PineRidge Baptist and has been a deacon, Sunday schoolteacher and chairman of trustees. A U.S Airforce veteran 1966-1973 and Director of Georgia Independent Automobile Dealership Association.

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