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The Exchange Club of Brunswick Honors Students of the Month

Pictured from left to right: Mr. Reese Bernard, Pres. Bill Foster, William Hawthorne, Mrs. Rooks, Nhien An Do, Mrs. Senetra Haywood, Nicolas Sadowski, Mrs. Mary Claire Jones, Ares Ellis, Kailah Partridge, Connor Haggerty, and sec/treasurer Randy Pifer

The Exchange club of Brunswick held the first of three student of the month programs. The Student of the month honors a senior from Brunswick High school and Glynn Academy for the month of August, September and October. Each student was presented with a plaque and check for $100.00. All of the students will write a essay to be judge and a winner from each school will receive a plaque and a check $1,000.00 for the student of the year. This years theme "The COVID-19 Pandemic drastically changed every aspect of our lives, in every way imaginable. Reflecting on what you learned during this time about yourself, your community and the world, explain how your perspectives on success, empathy, prioritizing, social inequalities, and leadership have been reshaped."

Brunswick High School's Students of the Month

  • August - William Hawthorne

  • September - Nhien An Do

  • October - Nicholas Sadowski

  • Glynn Academy school's students of the month

  • August- Ares Ellis

  • September-Kailah Partridge

  • October-Connor Haggerty

These students are picked by their Counselor from their school, the counselor for Glynn Academy Mrs. Mary Claire Jones and Brunswick High School is Mr Reese Bernard.

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