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The Exchange club of Brunswick honors police Officer's of the year 2024

Pictured from left to right Pres. J.P. Thornton, CCGA Sergeant John Thompson, GSP Brunswick post Trooper Jireh Crafton, GSP Jekyll post TFC2 Richard Lawrence, Ga DNR Corporal Thomas Colte Shaske, GCPD Officer Lorraine Owens, GCSRO Paula Henderson, BPD Corporal Kiara Woods, GCSO detention officer Kalisidy Swilley, GCSO deputy sheriff Eric Koenig, GCPD detective Troy Bergiadis and Sec/treasurer Randy Pifer

The Exchange club of Brunswick held their annual police officer of the year luncheon. This year the Exchange club of Brunswick honored ten officers from seven different agencies. The honorees were chosen by their peers and command staff from each of the departments. Former Brunswick police chief and chairman of the police officer of the year program Mr. T.C. Cowen addressed the officers and their families. Each officer was given a plaque and check. Each officer was introduced by their chief, Sergent and our sheriff. They spoke about each of the officers and why they were chosen to be their department's officer of the year. 

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