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Southeast Georgia health system Stroke coordinator speak to the Exchange club of Brunswick

Pictured from left to right Pres. Bill Foster, Cynthia Gahm, sec./ treasurer Randy Pifer

Cynthia Gahm, R.N. with Southeast Georgia health system spoke to the Exchange club of Brunswick about strokes. What to do if you or a loved one is having a stroke. How our hospital Southeast Georgia health system can treat and lessen the severity if treated in time. To learn more about this please visit their website

The Exchange club of Brunswick provide individuals with opportunities to use their time and talents to benefit their local communities and the country as a whole. Exchange’s Core Values are family, community, and country.

Through the Programs of Service – Americanism, Community Service, and Youth Programs – members support activities that benefit youth, promote pride in our country, and honor military and public service providers, to name a few. Exchange’s National Project is the prevention of child abuse.

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