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Pastor Scott Stanfill speaks to the Exchange club of Brunswick

Pictured from left to right Pres. Steven Floyd, Pres. elect/VP JP Thornton, Pastor Scott Stanfill, and member David Sweat

The Exchange club of Brunswick held their weekly meeting and our guest speaker was the new Pastor of College place Methodist church. The Exchange club of Brunswick welcomed Pastor Scott Stanfill his wife Amber and two children Grace and Luke to Brunswick. Pastor Scott said he and his family is looking forward to what God has planned for them here in Brunswick. He told the club about his father Ben Stanfill UGA defensive lineman 1966-1968 and then a lineman for the Miami Dolphin for 8 years.

The Exchange club of Brunswick is a group of men and women working together to make our community a better place to liv through programs of service in Americanism, community service, youth activities and our national project the prevention of child abuse.

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