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Hans Trupp former Navy pilot speaks to the Exchange club

Pictured from left to right Pres. JP Thornton, Hans Trupp, Sec/treasurer Randy Pifer and V. Pres Barry Cooper

The Exchange club of Brunswick held their weekly meeting, and our guest speakers was local realtor navy pilot Hans Trupp. Hans grew up in New York  and came south for college and then joined the navy. He went Officer traing and flight school. He served on the USS Ranger CV 61 which was the third of the Forristal class super carriers. Hans flew the F4 Phantom jet, 200 plus missions and receivedmany metals and awards. He told the club about flying and landing on a aircraft carrier and about different missions. He had displayed many pictures he had from his personal collection of the carrier and different aircraft that was on board. 

The Exchange club of Brunswick thanked Hans for his service to our country and is very proud to say we support our men and women who serve and are serving our country in the military. 

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