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Golden Isles development Authority speaks to the Exchange club of Brunswick

Pictured from left to right Vice Pres. J.P. Thornton, Ryan Moore and sec./treasurer Randy Pifer

Ryan Moore was the guest speaker at the Exchange club of Brunswick weekly meeting. Ryan is the president and CEO Golden Isles development Authority.

The Golden Isles Development Authority (Development Authority) is the organization that is responsible for the creation of jobs and investment in Glynn County by supporting the attraction, retention, and expansion of businesses.

The Development Authority promotes Brunswick & Glynn County as the best location for our targeted businesses to relocate too. To remain competitive, we focus on developing regionals assets such as industrial parks and educational infrastructure and tailor incentive packages to attract new business and investment to the area.

The Coastal BEST (Business Expansion Support Team) support our local businesses to help them thrive in Brunswick & Glynn County. Members of the Coastal BEST make two visits a year to each industry. These visits are imperative in identifying challenges and opportunities for the local business community. Coastal BEST works with these businesses to connect them to local and state resources, or developing initiatives for the sustainability and growth of our region.

Growth is the natural result of increased demand and requires prompt attention to meet that demand. The Development Authority works closely with existing industries and often assists with locating/securing financing, workforce training/hiring, developing utility infrastructure, or any number of other projects.

To learn more about Golden Isles development authority please visit their website

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